Strength Training


Welcome to Everyday Epic strength training. While strength training isn't the only thing we can incorporate into your workouts, we believe it's an important part of every fitness routine! Whether you are trying to change body composition, get stronger or faster, or feel more confident and happy, we will help you reach your goals!


"She trained me without judgement in the beginning and worked slowly with
my ability level at the time. She is knowledgeable, supportive, nurturing and knows just
how much to push you. I see her in the gym every week coaching people of all ages
and fitness levels and she gives one hundred percent to whomever she is with."
-Heather, coaching client


My journey with fitness

I’ve always been active, but I haven’t always had self-esteem or confidence. In fact, when I was young I was an incredibly shy person who came across as kind of mean, mostly because I was scared of talking to people. But fitness changed that for me. When I was young gymnastics gave me a life-long base of strength and mobility. Playing volleyball through college gave me a better understanding of what it means to work closely with and depend on other people, and a deep appreciation for the strength of women. Getting into marathons, then triathlon after college caused my confidence to grow exponentially when I discovered that I could do more than I ever thought I could.

Moving my body on a daily basis makes my life truly better, and I want that for everyone! Whether you are new to strength training, looking for some accountability, or want to get stronger or faster so you can perform better in your sport (or just keep up with your kids), I want to help you.


"Undoubtedly, Meg's coaching abilities have made a stronger, wiser and more confident athlete. As a runner, she has helped me build my leg strength which has increased my pace and endurance. At 50 years of age, she has made me feel like I could continue to run for another 50 years."
-Jackie, coaching client

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Training Packages

The Everyday Athlete Package
(1-on-1 Training)

The Everyday Athlete Package: This package is for everyone! Our most popular training package, this is for anyone who wants individualized programs for anything from cardio to strength days. The beauty of online 1-on-1 work is that you can complete your workouts at your convenience, in the gym or in your own home. Workouts are customized based on your goals and equipment availability.

What’s included:

  • Initial 30 minute set-up phone call to get to know each other/establish goals.

  • 3 Days/week custom programming, based on your goals (strength, weight loss, cardio, etc.).

  • Access to the closed Everyday Epic Coaching Facebook group to connect with other athletes.

  • Weekly check-ins via email (every other week via phone or video, if preferred).

  • App in which you can view your workouts, track results and message Coach Meg.

  • Travel workouts for when you aren’t at home.

  • Video analysis of your technique.

  • Articles and videos to help teach you about technique, etc.

  • Discount on Whole30 groups.

Cost: $135/month 

The Group Challenge Package

Stay tuned...Our next group challenge is coming soon!

The Group Challenge Package: This package is for anyone who wants the social aspect of working through a program with a group, who might not have the budget for 1-on-1 training, or loves the push of a good fitness challenge!

What’s included:

  • 8 weeks of strength and conditioning programming.

  • Inclusion in closed Facebook group, just for participants.

  • Weekly updates with training tips, articles, and videos.

  • Weekly check-ins from Coach Meg.

  • Discount on Whole30 groups.

Cost: $200/8-week session


Extra Day of programming for 1-on-1 training
Cost: $25/month




I’m not in good shape, should I wait to start until I’m in better shape to join?
Absolutely not! We will coach you wherever you are at currently. There’s no need to wait any longer, sign up today!

I don’t belong to a gym, can I still strength train?
Definitely! We always program based on your goals and available equipment. If you’re interested in setting up a home gym, we will send you a detailed list of equipment to buy, based on your budget and space. If you want to stay minimal, we can program your workouts around body weight exercises.

I want to lose weight, is strength training appropriate for that goal?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Strength training is a great way to boost your weight loss. Not only does strength training blast calories, but it also helps your metabolism, physique, and mental state. If you’re tired of trying to cardio your weight away, try strength training!

What if I want to train more than 3 days/week on The Everyday Athlete Package?
Great! Each additional day of programming is $25/month. We set our base at 3 days/week because most people seem to be able to get that in very consistently. We don’t want you feeling guilty about missing workouts, and we don’t want to charge you for something you’re not using. Please add as many days/week to your package that you’d like! (Limit 7 days/week ;) )

I want to do cardio, and HIIT as well, do you offer programming for this?
Heck yeah! We will provide great workouts based on your goals, and what you want to learn and work on.  

How long do I need to commit to?
1 month is the minimum commitment, though we believe that at least 2-3 months is best when you want to start seeing real changes.

How will I be in touch with my coach?
For The Group Training Package, you will do your check-ins and updates via Facebook. Meg will communicate weekly updates, post training articles and videos there. For 1-on-1 training, communication will be based on client preference.