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Coach Meg

Meg has been active her whole life, which she credits for her good health, strength and mobility, and confidence. She is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer as well as USA Triathlon certified coach, and an FRC Movement Specialist. She recently became the very first certified Whole30 coach in the Seattle area!

“I’ve always been active, but I haven’t always had self-esteem or confidence. In fact, when I was young I was an incredibly shy person who came across as kind of mean, because I was scared of talking to most people. But sports changed that for me. Gymnastics when I was young gave me a life-long base of strength and mobility. Playing volleyball through college gave me a better understanding of what it means to work closely with and depend on other people, and a deep appreciation for the strength of women. Getting into marathons, then triathlon after college caused my confidence to grow exponentially when I discovered that I could do more than I ever thought I could. Moving my body on a daily basis makes my life truly better, and I want that for everyone! Whether you are new to strength training, or looking for some accountability, or want to get stronger or faster so you can perform better in your sport (or just keep up with your kids), I want to help you.

Once I had the fitness thing on a good roll, I started looking more at my own nutrition, which brought me to the Whole30 program. It was a great match for me, and has helped me nurture a healthy relationship with food, and has taught me a lot about how my body feels when I eat certain things. I believe deeply in the powerful effects nutrition has on our bodies, both negative and positive. My goal in coaching Whole30 is to help people learn more about their own bodies, and how they can use food to help themselves feel amazing!”

I hope to meet you soon!